Commissioning Rifles

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  • Joseph Lang Bolt Action Rifle

    Developed in 1898 the “Mauser 98” action has a proven pedigree as the most reliable sporting and military bolt action rifle ever made. The Joseph Lang rifle uses this classic action on all its sporting bolt action rifles. The combination of robust action and the precision of engineering ensure extreme accuracy and reliability in all conditions.

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  • Joseph Lang Double Express Rifle

    The pinnacle of the Gun Makers art has always been to harnessing the extreme energy of the “Express “double rifle. No one Gun Maker understood this challenge more than Joseph Lang. Through his developed the .470 Nitro Express he determined that strength and simplicity was the key to producing a rifle that would endure the pressures created from these fearsome cartridges.
    The Joseph Lang double rifle is still built on the classic “Back Action” sidelock mechanism ensuring extreme strength, reliability and accuracy that can be relied on when hunting the world’s most challenging game.

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