Why shoot at Atkin Grant & Lang?

We currently have 16 stands each with at least two different targets that are capable of replicating all forms of game shooting as well as our 'Coverhead Grouse' sequence. Shot from our purpose built stone butt, the Coverhead Grouse stand has 6 different traps that enable us to show a fantastic variety of realistic targets!

We operate the electronic Promatic Claymate system, which allows you to shoot each stand in your own way and at your own pace, so there is no need to feel rushed. The Claymate System automatically records the clays used during your session via a key card. In the event of any no birds or broken clays then please inform us when you return to the shop and we shall credit you for them.

If you are shooting unaccompanied the Claymate System has an optional three second audible delay feature. This allows you plenty of time between pressing the button and being presented with the target.

We strive to keep our shooting stands 'fresh' by changing the type, angle and speed of targets regularly.

If you wish to improve your skills or solve a repetitive shooting problem then our instructors are on hand to help. Please ask us about our individual lessons. Prior booking may be required.

Clay Prices

Type Member Price Non-member Price
Weekday Clays £0.29 £0.35
Weekend Clays £0.29 £0.40
Junior Clays £0.25 £0.30
Summer Late Night Shooting £0.24 £0.29

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