Safety Notices

  • Gun Safety

    Guns are to be unloaded when not in use and either carried open over the arm, covered in a slip, or with a safety flag installed in the breach, as appropriate, between stands.

    Under no circumstances must cartridges enter the gun unless you are at a stand and ready to shoot.

    Do not move between stands with a loaded gun.

    Never put a loaded gun down or into a gun slip.

    Treat all guns as if they may be loaded at all times.

    Safety catches should be applied whilst on the stand and only set to the off position when the gun is mounted to the shoulder.

    Semi Auto's MUST have a flag in at all times that you are not shooting.

    Make sure you are using appropriate ammunition for the gun you are using. If in doubt do not shoot and ask one of our staff for advice.

    In the event of a misfire due to the danger posed by a possible delayed firing or 'hang fire', keeps the gun pointing in a safe direction for at least 30 seconds before careful unloading avoiding exposure to the breach.

    If your gun malfunctions in an unsafe manner stop shooting, unload and contact a member of staff for assistance.

    Never mix ammunition of different calibres as a smaller cartridge than the calibre you are shooting with may fall into the barrel causing an obstruction. If the gun is reloaded and shot with the obstruction in place then the gun will burst at the barrel, causing possible severe injury or death.

    Do not point your gun at anything you do not intend to shoot and be aware of your muzzle safety. Only clays may be shot. No other targets are permitted.

    Use hearing and eye protection at all times whilst on the ground.

    Never leave your gun or ammunition unattended.

  • Barriers

    Stay within the path and do not cross barriers. There is a risk of injury from falling shot and broken clays. Straying from the prescribed pathways may cause you to enter a direct shot fall out danger area.

  • Eye and Hearing Protection

    Use Eye and hearing protection at all times whilst out on the ground. Even when you are not shooting the noise from nearby stands may damage your hearing. Eye protection is essential to minimise the risk of injury if struck by shot, broken clays or failing firearms.

    We do also ask as part of our ground rules you wear a cap - this is to keep you safe during your shoot from any falling clay or debris.

  • Cartridge Selection

    For safety and environmental reasons only fibre / felt wadded cartridges of shot sizes 6.5 28g or smaller (higher shot number) are allowed to be used on the Atkin, Grant and Lang Shooting Ground. A wide range of clay cartridges are available to purchase from the shop.

  • Outdoor Clothing

    Please bear in mind that we are shooting out doors and it sometimes rains or could be wet underfoot! Please bring appropriate outdoor clothing.

  • Dogs

    We are a dog friendly company. If you are bringing your dog please make sure they are well behaved, kept under close control on a lead and that you clean up after them. Thank you!