Henry Atkin Henry Atkin (From Purdey's) "Spring Opener"

A brand new Henry Atkin with years of history

Inspired by the original 'Gough Thomas' Atkin completed in 1948

Godfrey Thomas Garwood was born in 1899 into a traditional sporting family. Better known as Gough Thomas, he was one of the leading authorities on guns and shooting of his time. He spent many years as editor of the Shooting Times, as well as publishing several well-written books on shooting, guns and cartridges. Thomas approached Henry Atkin with a rather specific order; he demanded “that you guarantee that in respect of materials, workmanship, finish and shooting qualities, the gun will conform to your highest pre-war standards. In conclusion I should say that, although I am very critical, I am highly appreciative of the best work, and if you succeed in pleasing me I shall be a constant advertisement for you." 

Henry Atkin suceeded... Gough Thomas accepted the gun and wrote: "I am particularly pleased with the smoothness of opening and the uniformity of the effort required to close it, there are no hard spots, which is more than one can say of some self-opening ejectors." 

We strive to produce exceptional, bespoke guns

We decided to make a brand-new version of the famed Henry Atkin spring-opener as we wanted to recreate the delight and pleasure that Gough Thomas obviously felt both owning and shooting his gun.
Although the Gun Making industry has evolved over the last hundred years, our aim as makers of 'Best London Guns' has remained the same. We strive to produce exceptional, bespoke guns that are not only a shooting tool but also a work of art, treasured by their owners for generations.

Capturing the heritage of English Gun Making

Our new Henry Atkin has 29 inch barrels and a 15 5/8 inch stock to suit a more modern market and allow for bespoke alterations to be made once the gun has found an owner.
The chopper-lump barrels are engraved "Henry Atkin (from Purdey's) London" and the action engraving is deep acanthus scrollwork with colour hardening.

This is a brand new gun based on years of history, capturing the heritage of English Gun Making.

'It's one of my favourites, a truly exceptional gun and a pleasure to build. I am extremely proud of it.'

Alan Bower (Head Gun Maker, Atkin Grant & Lang)

Technical Specifications


  • 12 gauge
  • Spring Opener Sidelock
  • Based on the Beesley Spring-opening action with modified ejector work
  • Beautiful deep acanthus scrollwork with colour hardening by St Ledger
  • Weight - 7lb 3oz


  • 29 inch chopper lump 
  • 70mm London steel superior proof chambers
  • Choke - Full & Full
  • Concave game rib
  • Makers name engraved on rib - "Henry Atkin (from Purdey's) London


  • Best quality Turkish walnut stock
  • High grade London oil finish
  • 15 5/8 inch 
  • Elegant straight hand grip
  • Stock can be altered to fit the customer's measurements following a gun fitting session

Prices, Payment and Delivery


Gun Price
Henry Atkin Spring Opener £49,995


Now available

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