Henry Atkin Spring Opener Sidelock

Henry Atkin is synonymous with beauty. Since 1875 Atkin has been building exquisite, elegant guns that are both incredibly subtle and intricate, yet demand the attention of the room. They deserve to be recognised and adored.

Available in 12 bore, 16 bore and 20 bore, the Henry Atkin Spring Opener is an elegant and traditional side by side, with over 150 years of heritage hand build into every gun.

The action is based on the famed 'Beesley' self-opening action with improved Purdey patent. With options on bespoke engraving, from game scenes to classic relief scroll, colour hardened or coin finish, and stocks built to the customers specific requirements and measurements, you can create a masterpiece unique to you.

I am particularly pleased with the smoothness of opening and the uniformity of the effort required to close it, there are no hard spots, which is more than one can say of some self-opening ejectors.

Godfrey Thomas Garwood

Technical Specifications


  • Available in 12 bore, 16 bore and 20 bore
  • Spring Opener Sidelock
  • Based on the Beesley Spring-opening action with modified ejector work
  • Double trigger
  • Hand engraved
  • Auto safe
  • Gold "Safe" detail




  • Choice of barrel length from 28 to 30 inches
  • 70mm London steel superior proof chambers
  • Concave game rib


  • Select best quality walnut blank
  • High grade London oil finish
  • Stock made to customers measurements
  • Fitting session to take place at our shooting grounds

Prices, Payment and Delivery


Gun Price
12 bore square action sidelock £55,000 inc vat
16 bore square action sidelock POA
20 bore square action sidelock POA


Payment Terms

  • 50% on order
  • 25% after proof
  • 25% on delivery


Optional Extras

Feature Price
Multi choke (Teague) £600
Raised rib £650
Rolled edge trigger guard £250
De-luxe walnut stock £1500
Exhibition walnut stock £2000
Silver oval including engraving £350
Gold oval including engraving £600
Leather motor case £1500
Oak and leather best case £2500
Pairing charge £5%
Single trigger £3500

More Information

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