Stephen Grant Rebuilt Sidelock Ejector

Preserving the history and heritage of Best English shotguns

A newly rebuilt Stephen Grant & Son's 12 Bore sidelock ejector with two sets of barrels.

The beauty of a rebuilt shotgun is it's past

This gun is over 100 years old and has been passed down through the generations. The stories of shooting and sporting adventures it could tell would be legendary.

By rebuilding and refurbishing the action and adding new woodwork and barrels, we give a rebuilt shotgun a new lease of life. Modern gun making techniques combined with traditional and experienced craftsmanship ensures that not only are the internals in perfect mechanical condition, but that the gun keeps it's character and distinction... a true English Best gun ready for the sporting challenges of the modern world.

Technical Specifications


  • 12 gauge
  • Sidelock ejector
  • Southgate action
  • Engraved with house scroll and colour hardened by "St Ledger" of Birmingham
  • Weight - 7lb 2oz


  • 31 inch chopper lump
  • 70mm London steel superior proof chambers
  • Choke - Full & Full
  • Concave game rib
  • Also supplied with the original 30 inch Damascus barrels, fully refurbished


  • Best quality Turkish walnut stock
  • High grade London oil finish
  • 15 1/2 inch 
  • "Purdey" style capped pistol grip
  • Stock can be altered to fit the customer's measurements following a gun fitting session

Prices, Payment and Delivery


Gun Price
Sidelock Ejector £24,995


Now Available

Payment Terms

Payment in full required before collection

Optional Extras

More Information

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