Founded in 1821 by Joseph Lang

Atkin, Grant and Lang is an amalgamation of three of the best and most prolific shotgun and rifle makers in the world. In 1925 the company of Stephen Grant and Joseph Lang was formed. Then in 1960 the trio of gun making names came together with the acquisition of Henry Atkin - Atkin Grant and Lang have been successfully making best shotguns and rifles ever since.

Joseph Lang

Joseph Lang started his business in Haymarket, London in 1821.

Lang was a contemporary of James Purdey and in the early 1820s he retailed guns provided by Purdey in good numbers in order to develop his own gun making business.

An innovator of patents and styles, Lang developed the use of cartridges for muzzle loaders to improve reliability and ease of use as early as 1826.

He was further inspired and motivated by the Le Faucheaux pinfire guns at the Great Exhibition of 1851 and became key in the development of the breach loading system so prevalent today.

Most notably in 1907 the company introduced the incredibly successful .470 Nitro Express cartridge. Receiving the term “Express” was in reference to the strongest, fastest invention of the time, The Express Locomotives. This calibre is still the favoured choice of hunters today looking to pursue game in Africa.

The company achieved great success between the wars through the manufacture of all manner of best guns including sidelocks and boxlocks.

Stephen Grant

Stephen Grant established his business in St James, London in 1866. Born in Ireland and served under William Cavanagh of Dublin, Charles Lancaster, London and finally working for Thomas Boss.

His guns are revered the wold over as some of the finest handling and most attractive guns ever made. Achieving Royal Warrants from the Prince of Wales in 1871 then in the 1890’s further warrants from Queen Victoria, the Czar of Russia and The Sultan of Turkey

Stephen Grant always kept his guns simple and reliable, shying away from complicated mechanisms and patents; he preferred to focus his business ethic on quality of finish, simplicity and handling.

His guns have always been easily recognised by his distinctive house style’s including fluted fences, side lever’s and fine scroll engraving.

Henry Atkin

Henry Atkin came from a family of London Gunmakers. His father worked for James Purdey in 1848 and Henry Atkin also worked for James Purdey as his father’s apprentice.

Henry Atkin began building guns under his own name in 1875 and in 1877 opened his first premises in Haymarket, London using the name ‘Henry Atkin’ (from Purdey’s).

Building only best guns, Henry Atkin inherited the use of the “Beesley” self-opening action from Purdey.

This action was improved upon by Atkin with the inclusion of a better ejection system and became known as the 1909 model.

It was on this action that in 1947 Atkin built a lightweight model version, much admired by Gough Thomas for its handling, reliability and exceptional quality. Gough himself taking delivery of one of these models.

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