Overview Stephen Grant & Sons, Round Action Over & Under


  • The rounded bar action gives the gun a beautiful look and feel.
  • The totally pin-less side plates allow the engravers art to be fully expressed. The trigger plate action has been designed to exceed the reliability, strength, and robustness of the very best contemporary continental guns.
  • The unique relationship between artisan craftsman and the latest machining techniques has been harnessed resulting in ease and accuracy of production without compromising the handmade nature of the gun.

Designed in England, engineered in England, and finished in England, it is totally honest to the history and heritage of Stephen Grant & Sons.

The beautiful lines and shape of the gun ensures it is instantly recognisable as a “Best London Gun”. Original features and styling have been taken from Stephen Grant & Sons designs of the past, with features such as the classic "Grant fluted fence".

Every order is truly bespoke to the client who has full access to all stages in the production of the gun and direct contact with the production team. This relationship between artisan and customer ensures that the magic and the feel in commissioning the project is also built in to the gun itself.

Technical Specifications

Standard Features

  • Choice of barrel lengths from 28" to 32"
  • Solid top rib
  • Teague choked (3 tubes)
  • 70mm London steel superior proof
  • Hand engraving standard pattern
  • Auto safe
  • Single trigger with barrel selection block supplied
  • Select walnut blank
  • Full length trigger tang
  • Pistol grip
  • Caped Grip
  • Coin finished
  • Stock made to customers measurements and fitted at shooting school
  • Best London finish
  • Hard abs case


  • 12g/20g/16g all on dedicated action sizes.


  • Choice of barrel length from 28" to 32"
  • Laser welded Monoblock construction
  • 18.6 (.732) bore diameters
  • Extended forcing cones
  • 70 mm chambers or 76mm chambers
  • Profiled barrel wall thickness for exceptional handling characteristics
  • Solid top and mid ribs
  • Multi Choked by “Teague” fixed choke is an option


  • Trigger plate with side plates
  • Rounded action body with "pinless" side plates
  • Replaceable knuckle pins draws and bold
  • Made from high quality pre-hardened and tempered tool steels.
  • Low profile action
  • Wide gape for ease of loading


  • Inertia engaged system
  • Single non selective with easily changeable firing order
  • Light crisp trigger pulls
  • Double rolled edged guard


  • Made to measures from select Turkish walnut
  • Steel caped pistol grip

Prices, Payment and Delivery

Optional Extras

Feature Price
Additional choke tubes per tube £60
Fixed choke option £300
Second set of barrels £8500
De-luxe walnut stock £1500
Exhibition walnut stock £2000
Silver oval including engraving £350
Gold oval including engraving £600
Full scroll engraving £5000
Leather motor case £1500
Oak and leather best case £2500
Pairing charge +5%


Gun Price
12 bore, round action side plate £33,000
20 bore, round action side plate Available late 2017


Six months from deposit

Payment Terms

50% on order 25% after proof 25% on delivery


More Information

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