Rebuilding Atkin Grant & Lang Guns

The Rebuilding of “Best” guns has been carried out by Atkin Grant & Lang since the 1930’s. Over two hundred sidelocks, hammer guns and box locks of all calibres have been re-built since then.

This unique process produces a truly bespoke “best” gun at a fraction of the cost of a new build, but with no compromise in quality, workmanship or finish.

The process starts with a Henry Atkin, Stephen Grant or Joseph Lang “Donor” gun. The gun is split down to its component parts discarding barrels, woodwork, springs, trips, and pins.

The remaining parts form the action kit on which to base the project.

The customer can then build up a specification directly with the workshop Manager, Alan Bower, who has twenty years’ experience in rebuilding guns for Atkin Grant & Lang.

The bespoke nature of the project allows the customer to have input in to the smallest detail of the gun build.


All rebuilt guns receive new “Chopper Lump" barrels in a choice of lengths, choke, chamber and rib type. They are all superior proofed and covered for use with steel shot.

Depending on the Donor gun the original barrels can also be re-furbished, re-proofed and supplied to make a two barrel set. A particularly interesting option if the original barrels are “Damascus” steel.


The amalgamation of three prolific gun makers gives a unique and extensive choice of different patents and action types to be selected as a basis for the build.

Stephen Grant “Side lever” sidelock

Stephen Grant “Baker” self-opening sidelock

Henry Atkin Improved “Purdey” self-opening sidelock

Joseph Lang “Southgate” top lever sidelock

The actions and locks are fully re-built with new mechanical parts ensuring robust reliability.

The original engraving is re-picked or the action can be fully re-engraved in a style of the customer’s individual choice.

Actions are then finished in a traditional colour hardened or coin finish.


The customer has a complete choice of grip, style and shape of the new stock and forend. A full gun fitting service is included in the price of all rebuilds to ensure the gun is completed with the correct measurements and give the client absolute comfort and confidence when shooting.

Our wood store has over one hundred walnut stock blanks to choose from, all have been hand selected by our stocker and all are perfectly seasoned.

Finishing Touches

All rebuilt guns are “Best London” finished by Alan Bower, the workshop manager, who has a reputation for his exceptional eye for detail and quality of workmanship.

All rebuilt guns receive a new London pattern case, with options on tools and accessories to complete the truly bespoke nature of the project.

Below are details of rebuilt guns currently available and in production.

Name Serial Number Gauge Type Price Info
Stephen Grant #8002 16 Gauge Side-by-Side £28,000 Full Details
Henry Atkin #25008 12 Gauge Side-by-Side £49,995 Full Details
Stephen Grant #7236 12 Gauge Side-by-Side Full Details
Stephen Grant #7412 12 Gauge Side-by-Side £23,995 Full Details

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