The biggest and best event we've held so far...

The biggest and best event we've held so far...

Last week Atkin Grant & Lang had the honour of hosting the CPSA English Open English Sporting Championship. As exciting as it was, even after months of planning and preparation, it still felt like we'd taken on a huge task.

The 120 bird English Sporting course was shot over 15 stands, plus two optional pool shoots. The stands were spread out over the whole 55 acre site, giving us the opportunity to really vary the targets. The general feedback was that the course was very enjoyable but tough, with some very challenging birds. Most competitors felt that the targets were appropriate for a Championship with some really encouraging comments -

"I thought the whole shoot was fantastic, tough as it should be for a championship, the targets were all hit able but you had to work for everything."

"There are not many shoots that we go to these days where you can see a gap between the end of your barrels and the target! It was refreshing to see it."

The Championship was won by Richard Bunning, who shot a very impressive 110 / 120 on the course and then proceeded to claim victory by 1 clay in the Super Final. James Attwood took second place with an immense score of 114 on the 120 bird sporting course, but couldn't quite hold onto his lead in the 30 bird Super Final. Third was awarded to Martin Myers with a combined score of 127 out of 150.

It was a pleasure to see some spectacular shooting, especially from such a diverse range of competitors. Prizes were awarded to all classes as well as Ladies, Juniors, Veterans and Disabled shooters. With over 1000 competitors, ranging in age and experience, this event proved to be a fantastic experience for everyone involved and is a real testament to how popular our sport is.

The whole AGL Team put a huge amount of work into making this event a success. We would also like to thank all of our referees, without whom competitions like this would simply not be possible. Furthermore, to all of our friends and members, we would like to thank you for your continued support. 2018 has already been an exciting year for AGL, and with our first Championship under our belts the sky really is the limit to what we can do next.

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Our next event is a CPSA Registered 100 Bird English Sporting Shoot on Friday 25th May:

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