Get to know our Sponsored Shooters

Get to know our Sponsored Shooters

Here at AGL we sponsored a selection of individuals that are passionate about the sport of clay pigeon shooting. We believe that a little extra support from us can help these talented shooters achieve their sporting goals.

Meet Dean, one of the first sponsored shooters to join the AGL Team. Dean has been shooting since he was 4 years old and has a real passion for introducing new people to the sport. He believes that clay pigeon shooting is a sport for everyone, something we feel very strongly about and try to promote here at Atkin Grant & Lang.

Name: Dean Gibbs

When did you start shooting?

I have shot game all my life learning to shoot air rifles with my dad at the age of 4, first shot a shotgun aged 6. My first registerd clay shoot was my dad's birthday 6th November 2014.

Why did you start shooting?

It's something I have been brought up with. I couldn't imagine not being involved in some sort of shooting! Clay shooting was something I stumbled on when I took my dad out for his birthday, and I've been hooked ever since!

What do you enjoy most about shooting?

Pigeon shooting is my passion, out in the countryside with my dogs trying to outwit the birds. I enjoy nothing more than being stood in a wood, shooting winter pigeons flighting out to rape fields.

Clay shooting to me is so addictive! Always trying to improve your personal best and not wanting to miss. I try to bring as many new people to the sport as possible, often people who are "not sure if it's for them" end up enjoying it the most! It really is a sport for everyone. The main thing to remember when out shooting is to enjoy it. Good days or bad, it is a hobby after all!

What is your biggest achievement in 2018?

My biggest achievement has to be shooting my first 100 straight in ESP at Owls Lodge in December 2017. This is something I have been trying to achieve since I first started shooting. Shooting 190x200 in my first ever Compak shoot after missing 4 of the first 5 targets was a huge achievement for me. Just proves you should never give up! (World Compak in Italy)

What are your goals for 2019?

To maintain AAA class. I would love to win a major event but with so many talented shooters around now it is no easy feat!

The AGL Team wish Dean luck for the 2019 season and are delighted to be supporting him through his clay pigeon shooting journey.

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