Welcoming A New Discpline - FITASC

Welcoming A New Discpline - FITASC

The Atkin Grant & Lang team are thrilled to be welcoming a brand-new discipline to the ground. Starting in March we will be hosting a CPSA registered FITASC competition on the THIRD Wednesday of the month.

FITASC is a sporting clay pigeon shooting discipline originally created to replicate live game shooting. It is a very exciting and challenging way of shooting as there is such a large variety of targets and very few restrictions on the competitors shooting movements. Instead of stands and cages, competitors will be stood in a 1m hoop. As with any shooting activity, safe gun handling is of the highest importance.

Our 50 bird competitions will be shot over two layouts. There will be a minimum of five traps per layout with three different shooting positions. The positions will be marked by a hoop placed on the ground. A squad of six competitors will shoot the sequence of targets from Peg 1 and then move to Peg 2, then Peg 3.

Squads will congregate at the lodge where their caddie will meet them and escort the group to the first layout. Once on the stand the squad will be shown the targets they will shoot. The first competitor will shoot all of their singles and will then step back to allow the next competitor to stand in the hoop. Once everyone has shot their singles, competitor two will shoot the doubles first, and competitor one will shoot last. On the next peg competitor three will shoot first and so on. This means that a different shooter starts each time. Double targets can be simultaneous, on report or following.

On single targets full use of the gun is allowed and on doubles a competitor may shoot both barrels at one target if he/she so chooses. There is no requirement to fire one shot at each target.

Gun position is very important in FITASC as competitors must start 'gun down'. The heel of the stock must be touching the body below a horizontal line, 25cm down from the top of the shoulder. They must stay in this position until the target is visible, and will be penalised if the gun is moved. A line is generally marked on the competitors vest to aid the referee.

The whole team are very excited to be organising these shoots and offering our members and customers something new.

Bookings for our first competition on Wednesday 20th March are now open.

Please call 01582 849382 if you have any questions or would like to book a place.

More information regarding the rules of FITASC can be found via the link below.


* Atkin Grant & Lang also has the honour of hosting the CPSA FITASC Home International on Saturday 28th September. More information about this event will be published soon.

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