Aiming For The Future

Aiming For The Future

Posted by Rachel Draper

The future of clay pigeon shooting as a sport relies on the next generation of shooters. We spoke to Lain Blamey, aged 9, to see exactly why he enjoyed this sport and how it had affected his life at such a young age.

Lain started shooting when he was 4 years old, at the Crazy Bear with his 9mm bolt action single shot. He started shooting with his father and soon showed a keen interest.

Lain: I found it tough to hit clays with my 9mm, but as I have grown my gun size has increased to .410, 28bore and now 20bore. I’m now getting some good scores and feel proud of my progress.

Shooting has played a massive part in my life at the ripe old age of 9. I have made so many friends, old and young, and as a sport there is no other where you would receive so much help and support like in the shooting world.

Shooting is more than a sport to me, it’s a way of life that I wish more of my school friends understood. On Saturdays in the winter I go pheasant picking up, and some of the old boys there remember my dad beating and picking up when he was my age 30 years ago. I shoot the odd game day also which is so much fun, especially if you’re shooting better than the grown ups ha ha.

I hope to keep progressing with my shooting and work hard with my coach Pet Easton to improve each time I compete.

To date I have shot in my first World Sporting Championship, shot the Premier League, had an Olympic pathway trial, shot the Lyalvale Express Masters and shoot regularly at registered competitions, and my favourite the AGL Young Shots Open which is always a good day out.

Lain is one of a few incredibly talented young shots that have a passion and enthusiasm for clay pigeon shooting. With their help, and by encouraging and supporting them we can aim for an exciting future within the sport.

We are currently hosting an Easter Young Shots Event on Saturday 20th April and The British Schools & Young Shots Championships on Saturday 4th May. Head to the Events section of our website for more information.

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