Glorious Game in the Cotswold Countryside

Glorious Game in the Cotswold Countryside

New dates now available!

We are delighted to offer you five new dates for driven game days on the vast and beautiful Little Barrington estate.

This traditional family-run shoot offers exceptional birds and generous hospitality, all set within picturesque surroundings.

Boasting some of the highest birds in the Cotswold's, Little Barrington estate is made up of over 4000 acres of well maintained woodland, meadows and game cover, with over 30 different drives.

Available dates -

26th October 150 bird day 

15th November 300 bird day 

22nd November 300 bird day 

3rd December 400 bird day 

31st December 200 bird day

Pegs start at £810.00 inc. VAT.

Please contact the AGL Team for more information.

01582 849382


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