Combining history and heritage with modern craftsmanship

With the constant evolution of the gun making industry, Atkin Grant & Lang are striving to preserve the history and heritage of Best English shotguns.

Where other Gunmakers are focusing solely on producing modern guns, Atkin Grant & Lang Gun & Rifle Makers are keeping their rich history at the forefront of future development plans. As well as designing and making their new shotguns and rifles, they are also refurbishing old, second hand Henry Atkins, Stephen Grants and Joseph Langs. 

This process gives a new lease of life to well-loved guns and combines mechanical perfection with years of history. The team of supremely skilled gunmakers merge the latest machining techniques with years of hands on experience to produce a truly bespoke gun, re-built specifically to satisfy the customer's requirements with years of unique history. A gun that could tell a thousand stories.