AGL Team Members

  • Charlie Stewart-Wood

    Charlie Stewart-Wood


    Charlie worked for Francis Lovel & Co for five years before setting up our sister shooting ground, The Oxfordshire Shooting School. In 2013 he moved over to Atkin Grant & Lang to re-launch the company under the ownership of Francis Lovel & Co. In addition to his extensive gun knowledge, he is a qualified instructor covering all aspects of the sport. Working closely with our gun makers, Charlie specialises in our renowned gun fitting services.

    Charlie distributes his time each week between The Oxfordshire Shooting School and Atkin Grant & Lang. The growth of AGL has been incredible over the last 3 years, the potential makes for an exciting future ahead - we can't wait to see what's to come after more of Charlie's direction and creative vision.

    Charlie has travelled extensively following his passion for all field sports. He is always delighted to discuss his experiences and offer advice to discerning travellers looking for an adventure.

    You may also bump into Charlie whilst shooting a number of CPSA registered shoots. At the end of 2016, Charlie set himself a new challenge to reach AAA (currently at AA) by the end of 2017. We hope you wish Charlie well in his personal endeavour - we will keep you posted!

  • Julian Watson

    Julian Watson

    Shooting Instructor

    Julian has been shooting since he was a boy and in that time has mastered a variety of different shooting disciplines. He has turned his hand to target shooting, competitive skeet and English sporting, as well as having a true passion for game shooting.

    Julian started working with us part time in March 2013 as a fully qualified APSI instructor and has many years experience instructing both novice and experienced shots on the clay ground and in the field.

    Julian also has great experience in hosting game and simulated game days throughout the south east.

  • Alan Bower

    Alan Bower

    Senior Gun Maker

    Alan is our senior gun maker, who joined Atkin Grant & Lang in 2005. Alan is a renowned and respected finisher with over 24 years’ experience at the bench, his interest in guns started at aged 13. After completing his 7 year apprentice with a well-known English gunsmith, he spent a further 6 years honing and polishing his skills.

    Alan’s dedication to excellence fits perfectly with AGL's commitment to build best quality English guns.

  • Tom Cosby

    Tom Cosby

    Sales Manager

    In 2016 Tom re-joined our team at Atkin Grant & Lang after spending some time with another English Gunmakers in London. Tom has an extensive knowledge of shotguns and rifles, specialising in English guns. Tom started with us at AGL soon after we opened, his enthusiasm for guns and shooting started at an early age and has only grown stronger.

    Tom has travelled to various different countries to pursue all manner of game shooting, and when he's not in the shop he spends much of his time overseas with his rifles.

    As per our Director Charlie, Tom is always keen to share his knowledge and experiences with you all, so next time you pop over feel free to ask any questions or seek advice.

  • Marc Borner

    Marc Borner

    Shooting Instructor

    Marc is an APSI qualified instructor and is a favourite at the shooting ground for tuition. He is passionate about introducing newcomers to clay shooting but equally enjoys game shooting instruction and is part of the Atkin Grant & Lang team who offer infield instruction.

    Marc joined the AGL team with a forestry and agricultural background. Marc has a sound knowledge of woodland and landscape management and, in addition to his instruction, runs key projects on the shooting ground to continue the extensive redevelopment at AGL.

    Marc has always been a keen shot and when not shooting can be found whiling away hours with a fishing rod in hand.

  • Rachel Draper

    Rachel Draper

    Marketing Manager

    We are lucky enough to have Rachel on board now working full time at AGL since January 2017. However new to Atkin Grant & Lang Rachel might be, she may not be a brand-new face to some of you - you may recognise her from our sister ground The Oxfordshire Shooting School, where she started working early 2016.

    Rachel is a keen shooter herself and has grown up around game shooting. When Rachel isn’t at work you can normally find her in the countryside riding her horse or shooting.

  • James Griffiths

    James Griffiths


    James has been with us since March 2015. Although James hasn’t come from a shooting back ground, he is proving to be a great asset to Atkin Grant & Lang, ensuring the ground is always in tip-top condition.

    James (who we fondly call Jimbo) is a keen musician who loves attending festivals and I still stand by saying, he is the happiest guy we know!
    Keep your eyes peeled around the ground as you may come across James's dog, Clay, who is being introduce to the shooting scene.

  • Karli Dunstan

    Karli Dunstan

    Club Coordinator

    Karli has now joined the AGL team on a full time basis, after starting with us as a freelancer in March 2017.

    Karli is also a shooting enthusiast and has recently started shooting game, such as pigeons and pheasants, on her partner's farm. Karli regularly enjoys perfecting her aim with a round of clays, and first came to AGL as a customer.

    We have also seen some of Karli's many other talents since joining (she is too modest to say so) including baking and flower arranging, which she learnt since joining Young Farmers.

    Whether you're new to the ground or one of our long standing customers, you will always receive a warm, helpful welcome from Karli.

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