AGL Team Members

  • Julian Watson

    Julian Watson

    Shooting Ground Manager & Sporting Coordinator

    Julian has been shooting since he was a boy and in that time has mastered a variety of different shooting disciplines. He has turned his hand to target shooting, competitive skeet and English sporting, as well as having a true passion for game shooting.

    Julian started working with us part time in March 2013 as a fully qualified APSI instructor and has many years experience instructing both novice and experienced shots on the clay ground and in the field.

    Julian also has great experience in hosting game and simulated game days throughout the south east.

  • Alan Bower

    Alan Bower

    Senior Gun Maker

    Alan is our senior gun maker, who joined Atkin Grant & Lang in 2005. Alan is a renowned and respected finisher with over 24 years’ experience at the bench, his interest in guns started at aged 13. After completing his 7 year apprentice with a well-known English gunsmith, he spent a further 6 years honing and polishing his skills.

    Alan’s dedication to excellence fits perfectly with AGL's commitment to build best quality English guns.

  • Karli Dunstan

    Karli Dunstan

    Club & Events Coordinator

    Karli has now joined the AGL team on a full time basis, after starting with us as a freelancer in March 2017.

    Karli is also a shooting enthusiast and has recently started shooting game, such as pigeons and pheasants, on her partner's farm. Karli regularly enjoys perfecting her aim with a round of clays, and first came to AGL as a customer.

    Whether you're new to the ground or one of our long standing customers, you will always receive a warm, helpful welcome from Karli.

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