Let us repair and service your guns

  • Shotgun and Rifle Service and Repairs
  • Shotgun and Rifle Service and Repairs

Having our own in-house team of experienced and fully qualified craftsmen allows us to operate a first class service and repair facility.

We offer a range of services, from manufacturing new parts for older guns to carrying out complete rebuilds and everything in between. Please don't hesitate to get in touch, the AGL team would be delighted to discuss your guns specific requirements.

Gun Maintenance

We recommend that you consider servicing your guns, every two years if you are an occasional shooter and annually if you shoot more frequently.

Guns can suffer from mechanical problems generated by general wear and tear, that if left unsolved can lead to further damage. For example, pins can become loose or springs weak or broken leading to a misalignment of the action and accelerated wear. Firing pins can become worn or cracked leading to misfires at that critical moment.

Having your gun regularly serviced by our experts will safeguard your investment and help avoid any costly or embarrassing field failures.

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