Lyalvale Express Masters

Event Essentials
Start Date 04/05/17
End Date 06/05/17
Timings First Cards 9am Last Cards 3pm
Prices £55 (Upon showing membership cards, Members will receive 15% discount)

Lyalvale Express Masters

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Event Details

The Lyalvale Express Masters

4th, 5th & 6th May 2017

120 Bird CPSA Registered Sporting Shoot, shot over 14 stands
Plus a 25 Bird Sporttrap to be shot with Lyalvale Express Cartridges
provided free on the day

Overall High Gun
£1000 CASH

Prizes to 3rd place in; AAA AA A B C JUNIOR LADIES
Non CPSA Registered shooters are welcome, and will be classified on the day

First 500 cartridges & £100 cash
Second 250 Cartridges £50 cash
Third 150 Cartridges

Plastic and Fibre wad cartridges allowed

Call now to register

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