The Game Fair 2018 - Ragley Hall

The Game Fair 2018 - Ragley Hall

Arguably the biggest event of the summer, the Game Fair has once again brought together friends, family, trade and customers from across the country who all share a common love for the countryside. From fishing to shooting, stalking to hunting, horses, hounds, fashion and fun… The Game Fair has something for everyone.

The 60th anniversary event was held at Ragley Hall and was a fantastic, only slightly soggy, event for all involved.

This year we wanted to break from tradition and completely redesign the AGL stand. In previous years we have combined with our sister gun shop, Francis Lovel & Co. but this year we went solo with a separate stand the other side of Gunmakers Row. The goal was to display our best guns and show that we are more than just a gun shop… we are a Gun Makers with almost two centuries of history and heritage behind us. We make some of the most exquisite (yes, I’m probably slightly biased) best quality shotguns and rifles, and refurbish old Henry Atkin, Stephen Grant and Joseph Lang guns. All of this is done here in England and we are involved in every single step, from designing, engineering, crafting and finishing each individual gun.

We wanted to give customers, members and friends the opportunity to come and view the guns in a relaxed and friendly environment and take some time to stop and talk to people… to explain who we are and what we do to those who may not know us, and to catch up with the people that do. The other highlight of our stand, besides the guns, was the bar… the gin and tonics were flowing thanks to Charlie and Ed from Wood Bros Distilling Co. The hospitality area gave everyone the chance to take a break, to get away from the chaos of the fair and to shelter from the rain on Sunday! It’s the little things that count when it comes to a company like us… we’re not big or flashy, but we value our customers, each and every one of you.

We’re already excited for next year’s Game Fair at Hatfield House. In the meantime, if you would like to know more about any of the guns that we build, please feel free to give us a call or stop by the ground for a chat.

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