Get to know our Sponsored Shooters

Get to know our Sponsored Shooters

Here at AGL we sponsor a selection of individuals who are passionate about the sport of clay pigeon shooting. We believe that a little extra support from us can help these talented shooters to achieve their sporting goals!

Meet Nigel, a keen clay and game shot who started shooting to spend more time with his stepson. Having only been shooting for 3 years, Nigel recently progressed to A class in CPSA classification. A huge achievement in itself, but now AA is firmly in his sights for 2019!

Name: Nigel Jeffery

When did you start shooting? I had shot a little in my 20’s but in reality started clay shooting on a more regular basis, and also competing for the first time 3 years ago dare I say it .. in my early 50’s.

How did you get into shooting? We bought my Stepson his first gun for his 18th and it seemed sensible that I should take it up at the same time.

What do you enjoy most about shooting? A difficult question to answer with just one answer as I enjoy the learning of the sport, the competition and therefore the desire to improve. Another very important aspect is the camaraderie of shooters in general.

What is your biggest achievement in 2018? I have enjoyed some good scores in registered competition to date, one being in the Lyalvale Express Masters this year. At the same time I have taken great enjoyment out of being at a level now where I can help people to improve their own shooting skills.

What are your goals for 2019? Having achieved “A” class classification I really want to achieve “AA”, and I will keep doing my best to improve going forward.

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