The Importance of a Strip & Clean Service

The Importance of a Strip & Clean Service

Whether you’re on the first stand at a CPSA competition or the first drive of your game day, there is nothing more frustrating than your gun failing. Excitement and concentration replaced by annoyance and perhaps a little embarrassment as you pull the trigger and the clay continues to move through the sky unbroken, when instead of a bang you simply hear that soul destroying click. Explaining to your host why you haven’t shot any of the fantastic birds that have just been driven over your peg (the best peg of the day no doubt) and asking rather sheepishly if he has a gun you can borrow. Guns are mechanical objects and unfortunately every now and then they do fail, but could this have been prevented?

A strip & clean service is preventative maintenance. It is one of the most important parts of taking care of your gun and ensuring that it will stay in perfect working condition for years to come.

What is a Strip & Clean?

A strip & clean is a type of service that involves the gun being ‘stripped’ down to all of its individual components. The barrels and woodwork are taken off and the action is stripped down and taken apart. Your gunsmith will then thoroughly clean each individual part and inspect it for damage, wear or faults. The parts will be dried off, polished and lubricated as necessary. The action will then be re-assembled and your gunsmith will turn their attention to the woodwork, checking that the stock doesn’t have any hairline cracks than would not be visible when the gun is fully assembled. This is particularly important on side by sides, especially older guns. Once everything has been checked over, the gun will be put back together and test fired.

What are the benefits of a Strip & Clean?

We have our cars regularly serviced to keep them functioning well and it is exactly the same principle for your gun. An annual service will guarantee that your gun continues to work well for longer. Regardless of whether the gun cost a lot of money, has strong sentimental value or is just a pleasure to shoot with, it’s piece of mind to know that the mechanics are in good condition.

The main benefit of a strip & clean is that it allows your gunsmith to pick up on minor problems that could, if left, cause a lot of damage. For example, it is quite common for the springs on over and under shotguns to get stuck inside their cavities due to a build up of dirt and rust, which will then lead to the gun failing to fire. Regular maintenance would ensure that the dirt is cleaned away before it becomes a problem. Light corrosion can be cleaned and repaired but if left can cause serious damage and reduce the guns lifespan.

How often should you service your gun?

This depends on a combination of the number of cartridges you put through it and the conditions in which you shoot. We would recommend booking your gun in for a strip & clean service once a year. If you have had a busy game season and shot a lot of wet days it is definitely advisable to have it looked at by a professional gunsmith now the season has come to an end. We would also recommend having your gun serviced, or at least checked over, before your next season. If your shooting is more clay orientated, we would recommend having a strip & clean before you start a summer of competitions to give you that extra confidence boost that everything is working as it should.

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