Get to know our Sponsored Shooters

Get to know our Sponsored Shooters

Posted by Ben Stillwell

We first met Rhys when he was ten years old and coming to the ground with his father. Since then he has put a huge amount of hard work and time into this sport and has now started shooting at a competitive level. Some of you may recognise Rhys as he regularly helps Tom out in the shop.

Here at Atkin Grant & Lang we think supporting the next generation of shooters is vitally important. Young shots are becoming more common at the clay ground and the level of talent and skill displayed by these juniors is incredible.

We have enjoyed watching Rhys improve his shooting and his confidence over the past five years and are very excited to see what he will achieve in years to come.

Name: Rhys Plum

When did you start shooting?

I started shooting a few years ago, at about the age of 10 when Atkin Grant and Lang had just taken over the ground. I had a birthday party there and started having regular lessons, this is where my love for shooting and the countryside began.

Alongside visits to the clay ground, I have also enjoyed some game shooting with my father.

I have recently started shooting competitively and have been really focusing on consistency and looking for an improvement in my scores.

Why did you start shooting?

I never really found a sport that I had a passion for until I started going to Atkin Grant and Lang. I found that not only did I thoroughly enjoy shooting but I also quickly developed a skill for it. I started going at weekends with my Dad and family. I’m so glad that I found this passion in shooting as it has really given me a purpose to try and be successful.

What do you enjoy most about shooting?

I love the competitiveness that shooting brings out in me and I aspire to be the very best that I can be. Every training session I aim to work on a specific element of my shooting and to be as productive as possible. I’m very grateful to everyone involved in shooting as a sport and especially all those at Atkin Grant and Lang as they have always supported and encouraged me.

What is your biggest achievement in 2018?

Whilst I still have my own Majors to win I have had some great success in the last year of competing, including coming 5th place out of over 1,400 young-shots in The Schools Challenge (TSC).

What are your goals for 2019?

In 2019 my main goal is to develop my scores enough to become a B Class CPSA shooter. I have been training hard for this years TSC competition and hope to improve on last years placing. 

Rhys will be competing in our Young Shots Winter Open this Saturday 9th February.

If you would like more information regarding junior events and lessons please contact a member of the AGL Team.

01582 849382

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